Hump Day!!

Well, I had better get my butt into gear and give an update before I am sitting at my computer on Friday evening wondering where the week went and another lot of time flies by without a post.

I had a lovely weekend, but didn’t get to Mum’s. Will be organising this weekend around going though as I really need to. I did however, have an awesome night out with the girls and Si. I also got a tour of the cubby house, swing set, electric car and bike by Miss Sierra while Michelle was getting ready. It was very cute and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! As for the rest of the night, what a wonderful way to spend a balmy summer’s evening… at a restaurant on the beach with wonderful friends. It’s times like that you certainly find yourself counting your blessings!!

I am loving Bikram yoga and will be signing up to go along to regular classes. The heat really does allow me to stretch further and believe me, I need all the stretching help I can get!! I was telling Coach earlier this week that it has really helped me to discover where my body’s shortcomings are, such as my shoulder joints being too tight to bring my arms behind my ears when they are clasped together overhead, my right hip joint is far less flexible than my right, my neck has limited range of movement both backwards and forwards and I am almost too scared to do the backward bending poses where you drop your head back because if I do it too quickly instead of testing it as I go down, my neck really hurts, as in shooting pain kind of hurts through my traps. I think that learning about my body and where it needs to improve is one of the highlights of yoga for me… well besides the 90 mins of a pure stretching workout. It’s definitely a workout and not just a stretch, that’s for sure!!

I am also really enjoying my new program from coach. It is really challenging, as are all his programs. And this is the way it should be. There would be something very wrong if I received a new program and it was easier than the one I’ve just done!! I’ve just had to send my current diet and supplement regime off to coach as he has requested it so he knows what I am doing with regards to that.

The kittens are still making me laugh daily, although not so much last night. After eating and showering after Bikram, the exhaustion had seeped into my bones. I chose to leave my bedroom door open as I thought I was so tired it wouldn’t matter if they were in my room because I’d be dead to the world and wouldn’t hear them. WRONG!! King decided it was behind my vertical blinds that he wanted to climb the fly screen. So you can imagine how quiet the rattling of the blinds and sound of a cat climbing, then dropping through the blinds to the floor was. Then Charu wanted to be on the bedside table and knocked everything off that. I shooed her off that only to have her attack my feet. Once that had all been sorted I flopped back down on my bed and was drifting off when there was a “snap, ping, snap, ping, snap, ping, etc.” King had found a hair elastic with a metal join on my iron bed post and was pulling at it, then letting it go where it would snap followed by the ping. It was at this point that both furry ratbags were scooped up, dumped on the outside of my room and the door shut in their faces. The last I saw of them were two little kittens with rather indignant looks on their faces!!

Anyway peoples, must dash as I’ve still got a couple of things to prepare for the day ahead tomorrow. All my food is in the fridge ready to go, just need to organise my gym gear.

Have a great night… eat well and train hard!

Love Rae xxx

“It is our attitude at the beginning of a
difficult task which, more than anything else,
will affect it’s successful outcome.”
–William James

  1. Brit-man

    You’ll get used to things soon enough :p :p.

    Take care and best wishes.


    8 years ago

  2. Charlotte

    Ah, the joys of kittens! One my cat worked out that scrabbling round on my bedside table got my attention, he did it everytime he wanted something. Sigh. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    8 years ago


    Namaste! I used to do Bikram in Sydney and LOVED it……hmmm should look to see if there is a studio near me in Brissy!!

    Fernster xx

    PS: you have the most gorgeous laugh ever !!

    8 years ago

  4. Jehanne

    Dinner was great wasnt it! Such a lovely location! xx Thanks for making the effort to come down!!!!!!!

    8 years ago

  5. Jehanne

    hey – how come I have some crazy green man as my logo? lol

    8 years ago

  6. Rae

    This is true Matt. It doesn’t take me long on Coach’s programs as they are written so there isn’t too much DOMS. He thinks that this actually hinders as extreme DOMS prevents you from training properly until it subsides. So he tries to write his programs in a way that they don’t give you too much DOMS. xxx

    8 years ago

  7. Rae

    Oh Charlotte… don’t tell me that!! LOL!! Thanks for the warning though… will try not to reward bad behaviour with attention!! You have an awesome week too honey xxx

    8 years ago

  8. Rae

    Yes Fernie!! Definitely find one in Brissy if you can. And then when you and Katie come for a visit (hint, hint) we can do a class together. Something tells me if you did visit you’d be hearing a lot of my laughing… LOL!! xxx

    8 years ago

  9. Rae

    Of course I would make the effort to come down for you girls, Jeh!! It only took half an hour for me to get to Michelle’s place… I was lucky with the traffic!! Can’t wait to do it again soon xxx

    8 years ago

  10. Rae

    I am not sure about the crazy green man Jeh… I think it’s coz you don’t have a gravatar set up? Or the little men inside the computer that decide who gets what icon looked out of the monitor and picked an icon that suited you… LOL!! xxx

    8 years ago

  11. Lorraine Kreuzer

    LOL!!! Sounds like my cat who I still get up to every night when he scratches on the front door to come inside again. Brikam Yoga sounds very interesting Rae, somehow I doubt if there were classes over here. xox

    8 years ago

  12. Virginie

    Hi Rae,

    I was the same when i started practicing and this is what kept me going and kept me working hard. My shoulders were shot, my hips were shot, my knees were shot, my ankles were shot, you get the drift!!

    It is great to get back a decent range of mobility in these joints. Yep, i was very excited when i finally was able to have my arms over my head straight, elbows locked and behind my ears without having to strain my head forward!!
    I think it would be a great compliment to weight training, both from a recovery point of view and a preparatory (to get joints, ligaments, tendons well conditioned and “oiled”) regime. I pretty much stopped weight training as bikram practice was keeping me in great shape and providing me wih strenous physical exercise + a good therapy to repair years of damage, plus i had no plan to compete again. i’m very curious to find out how it supports your training, let us know how you go!

    And a message for Miss Tank if i may:
    There are 3 studios in Brisbane, one in Bardon on Mac Gregor Terrace, this was the first studio to open in Brisbane 6 years ago. There are great teachers there and many long time practitionners, so great energy and strong discipline/focus. This is my ‘home’ studio as it is only 5 minutes drive from where i live.

    There is a studio in Capalaba (Southside), it’s a bit too far for me but i have been there once or twice. It opened couple of years ago, so it is newer and the facilities are lovely but i prefer the feel of the Bardon studio.

    There is new studio that has opened in December in Nundah, i will probably go there occasionally as the resident teachers and the owner there are really lovely. The facilities are beautiful too. Two actual practice rooms with state of the art heating system.

    Anyhow, if you are considering going to Bardon or Nundah, let me know, i can introduce you to the local Bikram people!!

    My email is:


    8 years ago

  13. Lorraine Kreuzer

    Oops should be bikram yoga. xox

    8 years ago

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