One Week Down!

CountdownAnd boy hasn’t that week screamed by! 10 weeks to go as of this Saturday. I had forgotten how terrifying the countdowns can be… haha! But it does feel good to be counting down toward something again after all this time, and a countdown sure does keep you accountable.

Since turning in my application and being selected, this journey feels a little like a runaway train. I’ve just had to keep putting one foot in front of the other. But this has always been the way when I’ve decided to enter something, the journey seems to take on a life of it’s own and sometimes when the pace is fast, I feel like I am only along for the ride as it’s barrelling out of control, taking me with it.

The program my coach has given me is very challenging, but he wouldn’t be Andrew Ivey if he didn’t give you challenging programs! I’m just hoping that my shoulder keeps behaving and doesn’t let me down. Toward the end of last week it became sore, but seems to have eased over the weekend, ready to get stuck into this week. Chest work seems to be causing me the most issues with my shoulder oddly enough.

Tonight I get my music cut as that has to be handed in to the Pole Studio by Saturday. The music man likes my song choice and it shouldn’t take too long to cut apparently. Can’t wait to have it all done so that I can really get stuck into putting it altogether.

So busy, busy, busy!

Love Rae xxx