Quick Blog: New Program!

EliteSportzAfter providing feedback to my coach, Andrew Ivey, that the pushups on the chest part of the new program was giving my shoulder issues, he immediately supplied me with a modified one with a replacement exercise for the pushups. It reassures me no end that I have someone with such an extensive knowledge of rehabilitation training on my side during this competition training. I don’t think I would have signed up for it if I didn’t have 100% confidence that my coach would be keeping a close eye on my training and how my injury was going, and had the knowledge and experience to work around it. If anyone can get me to that stage with my shoulder intact, it will be coach.

My music has been cut and to say I am thrilled with how it turned out would be an understatement, and it didn’t take long at all! I have it on a playlist in the car and the only issue with listening to it in the car is getting ideas for your routine and then trying to remember them to write down once you get to your destination. So excited to play around with the routine now!

I’ve organised a pole jam for some of us APQ competitors for this Sunday so that we can all get in the studio together and work on our moves with Miss Ruby, one of our instructors. I have some ideas of some moves that I want to put in the routine, but definitely need her assistance with working out how to get into them, and if in fact my body can do the moves, or if I have limitations (usually flexibility) that will prevent me from performing them. From there I will alter and develop the routine as I work out what I can and cannot do.

With everything on my plate, ProFuel meals have been a godsend (pun intended). Not having to worry about preparing and cooking food when I am late home from training and organising all the other required things around the comp is brilliant.

Love Rae xxx