3 Weeks To Go!

Probably time for a bit of an update, right? Sorry it has been sporadic, I have had my head down and bum up with both weights and pole training.

So as of this Saturday, there will be three weeks to go for the Amateur Pole Queen competition *gulp*

I have the performance night shoes on order to replace my scuffed practice ones, I have part of my costume on order, and I have my crystals to decorate on order. All these things on order. If they don’t start arriving soon I am going to have a heart attack! There is also one last secret part to my costume on order that may or may not be included, depending on how hard it is going to be to dance in.

DeadI’ve been having quite a few pole jams and private lessons with the amazing Ruby and Emma from Bobbi’s, and finally ran through my whole routine from start to finish last night, so the routine has finally been finished and feels achievable, even if I nearly died by the end of it (see picture proof… haha!) I now just have to keep working on the endurance and the polishing. Emma told me last night that the first part of the routine is so smooth and flowing, so I had to admit that it was that way purely due to procrastination and not wanting to work on the hard pole combo bits!

I could not have made it so far relatively unscathed without the knowledge and encouragement of my amazing coach and pole mama’s, and the amazing support of my family and friends. So big love to all of you! Into the home straight…

Love Rae xxx