12 Week Photo Shoot

I wasn’t exactly overweight but after years of training I felt I needed a challenge to shake me up, so I entered a 12-week challenge in 2004. Whilst I didn’t win the challenge, I achieved so much more than I ever thought possible.

The next logical step for me in order to challenge myself further, as with a lot of other girls who transform their body, was to enter a Figure bodybuilding competition. I found a Coach who remains my Coach to this day (Andrew Ivey), entered my first comp and the rest is history. To date I have entered 9 competitions, winning 3 and placing in the top 5 in 5 of them.

It has become an all-consuming passion for me and is what gets me out of bed in the mornings (4.30am in the mornings to be exact!) I have made so many friends in this sport and I am grateful to the many girls have gone out of their way to encourage, support and share their experiences and knowledge with me, such as my good friend Michelle Nazaroff. Now I am aiming to do the same.

2004 Photo Shoot

This website is a perfect way for me to give back to the sport that has given me so much. To be presented with the opportunity to encourage, support and assist other people in achieving what I have achieved is such an honor and something that brings me great happiness.

I have learned a lot of lessons through this journey, some of them great, some of them downright hard, and hope to share them with other girls to make their journey’s a bit easier. When I started out there wasn’t a lot of information for someone starting out in Figure and it’s thanks to the internet blogging and forum communities like Lindy Olsen’s where I am a moderator, that all this has changed.

I have gained so much more than a better physique. My confidence, happiness, inner strength, self-discipline and passion for life has increased ten-fold, and continues to grow daily. I have achieved so much more than I thought possible since commencing my athletic career in Figure Bodybuilding. Being a part of the bodybuilding community on the internet and attending local, national and world bodybuilding  competitions is giving me an opportunity to indulge and strengthen my love of all things fitness.

Contest History

INBA All Female Classic:
4th Place – Figure Masters
Best Routine Trophy – Figure Masters

INBA All Female Classic:
3rd Place – Figure Masters
Best Routine Trophy – Figure Masters

INBA All Female Classic:
1st Place – Figure Intermediate
Best Routine Trophy – Figure Intermediate

INBA National Titles:
4th Place – Figure Intermediate

INBA National Titles:
3rd Place – Figure Intermediate
INBA All Female Classic:
1st Place – Figure Intermediate Tall
Best Routine Trophy – Figure Intermediate Tall
WFF Southern Hemisphere Titles:
Competed in Open – No Placing
WFF WA State Titles:
1st Place – Figure Novice
Best Presented Female of Show
Chosen for State Team at the Southern Hemisphere Titles.

INBA National Titles:
5th Place – Figure Novice
INBA WA State Titles:
2nd Place – Figure Novice

God did not give us a spirit of timidity ,
but of power and of love and of
calm and well balanced mind
and discipline and self-control